Invisalign (Orthodontics)


Transforming smiles, changing lives.

Perfect your smile, Invisalign dentist in Scarborough

As an Invisalign dental provider in Scarborough we have access to world-leading technology that moves your teeth comfortably, efficiently and safely. Our dentists have performed hundreds of treatments using this procedure. Adding to the Millions of people have chosen Invisalign removable aligners and changed their lives. No need for wires and brackets that you see on train tracks.

Personalised Cin Check, to create your perfect smile.

With Invisalign clear aligners, you get more than just straighter teeth. You get the world’s most advanced aligner technology, a customised clinc check treatment plan to suit your needs, a personal Invisalign journey, and treatment coordinator. But most of all, you get the smile you’ll want to show off.

At Newby Dental Practice, we can also build into your bespoke plan, composite bonding, to improve the shape and size of your teeth, and tooth whitening, to improve the shade too. So if you want quick, straight, teeth, look no further.

Algin, Bleach and Bond

Want to see what your smile make over would look like?

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Invisalign Smile gallery

Invis made to move stories

Invisalign really does produce amazing results for your teeth. However don’t just take our word for it, here are a few Invisalign cases we’ve done recently at our Scarborough dental practice.

Invisalign before and after at scarborough dentist
What a result our dentist has achieved with this patient using Invisalign. We can clearly see the crooked and misaligned teeth in the before picture on the left hand side followed by a lovely natural straight teeth afterwards.
Dentist Invisalign case
Another amazing Invisalign case by our dentist, using the aligners to straighten crowded teeth.
This has helped to give the patient a wider, straighter smile!
What a transformation this is!
This patient’s smile was perfected through Invisalign treatment to straighten the existing teeth, followed by whitening to brighten everything up, and finishing up with a dental implant to replace his upper left second premolar.
This course of treatment was completed in under 6 months!