Custom Made Dentures

What are Dentures?

Denture by Scarborough Denture Clinic

Dentures are a removable option for missing teeth. We offer a variety of different types of dentures, all of which are made individually for you, and customised to what you would like from the appearance, material and fit. If you need new dentures but are not sure what type is best for you, this can be discussed in full with your dentist when you come for your dental appointment to find out the best option for your dental needs and budget.

Implant retained dentures

These are dentures that attach to dental implants that have been placed in the upper and/or lower jawbone through dental surgery. They are therefore a lot more stable than any other denture that sits on the soft tissues, as they stay securely in place. Implant-retained dentures can be made to look very natural and are long-lasting, and do not require the use of denture fixatives to keep them in place

Complete (full) dentures

Complete dentures can replace all the missing teeth in both arches.

These are for patients who do not have any teeth remaining and are usually made of pink acrylic, with customisable false teeth that can be set up to look very natural. They sit on the gums and extend across the roof of the mouth so rely on suction for good fit, and are a great option for people who do not want the surgery involved with implant-retained dentures. However, even the best-fitting complete dentures require some form of denture glue, or denture fixative, to give you maximum security and comfort when eating and speaking with your dentures

Complete acrylic dentures start from just £700 per arch.

Immediate and Transitional dentures.

For patients who have advanced gum disease or many dental problems, they may wish to have their remaining poor prognosis teeth removed and have complete dentures placed. When transitioning from some remaining teeth to no remaining teeth, immediate dentures are made which are placed on the same day the teeth are removed, so that the patient. We take many careful planning stages beforehand to ensure these immediate dentures are as well-fitting as they can be, but transitioning to having complete dentures is a lot to habituate to, and so this can take time. Dentures are not natural teeth, and so will take time to get used to. For this reason, if the patient is suitable, we would sometimes recommend that we remove the worst affected teeth only, and make at first a ‘transitional’ partial denture which enables the patient to get used to the fit and feel of dentures, before eventually over the next year or two, transitioning to a complete denture. Either way, around 4-8 months after the remaining teeth are removed, the patient will find that due to bone loss following the tooth removal (called bone resorption), their immediate dentures will feel slack and may not fit as well as they did at first. At this point it is recommended that the patient has a new set of dentures made to fit their new jawbone shape once the bone loss has stabilised.

Partial dentures

These are used to replace missing teeth when a patient has some of their own teeth remaining, and can either be made with a pink acrylic base (that sits mainly on the gums), a metal framework (that sits around the teeth), or in a flexible plastic that clips in between the patient’s natural teeth. More about the materials below

Acrylic dentures

Dentures can be used to replace 1 or more teeth at a time

These have a pink plastic base and sit on the gums around the patients remaining teeth, and can have small metal clasps added around the teeth to improve the retention of the dentures. Acrylic dentures are used if patients are ‘transitioning’ from no denture or a partial denture, to a complete denture, as teeth can easily be added to partial acrylic dentures. An example of this would be if a patient has advanced gum disease and with multiple loose teeth, and wants to get used to a small denture.

Prices for acrylic dentures start from just £400

Cobalt Chrome (metal) dentures

Instead of sitting on the gums, metal dentures have a metal framework with pink acrylic gum and teeth moulded onto the metal base, which sits on and around the remaining teeth using clasps and rest ‘seats’. The benefit of metal dentures is that the metal framework fits well, and can be very thin so there is less pink plastic in your mouth and very little across the roof of your mouth, so for patients with a strong gag reflex or wanting something that feels minimal, they are a great choice. You can, however, see the metal clasps around your teeth when you talk and smile, and so for some patients this may not be a suitable choice if they wish for no metal to be visible when they smile

The cost for partial chrome dentures starts from just £650

Valplast ‘flexi’ dentures

These are made of a flexible plastic material with small pink clasps that are designed to blend in with the gums, and unlike acrylic dentures which are a hard plastic, valplast dentures have a certain amount of flexibility in them so can be ‘clipped’ into place. They are good for replacing a single area where one or more teeth have been lost between other teeth.

To ensure a bespoke treatment service, we offer several grades of denture

Classic Dentures

Our entry level to those who are starting to explore the world of private prosthetics. Function and comfort are at the heart of these dentures. Built on an acrylic base with natural looking teeth and gum staining so they blend into the background, enabling you to smile with confidence.

Prices for a complete upper and lower set of Dentures starts from just £1,400.

Premium Dentures

These dentures combine quality materials with artistic flair. They include a natural set-up with colour tone gum staining. Built on a high impact acrylic, to better withstand a gentle knock, they are created to look more realistic and less susceptible to wear and stains.

Prices for a complete upper and lower set of Dentures starts from just £1,550.

Signature Dentures

Our premium range of dentures, the crown jewel of them all. They include as standard a natural set-up. We take head shot of you and our lab will match the dentures to your existing smile. Gum contouring and shading as nature intended. Built on a high impact acrylic to better withstand a gentle knock with teeth that are inspired by nature and less susceptible to wear and stains

Prices for a complete upper and lower set of Dentures starts from just £1,700.

Looking after your dentures

Dentures are not natural teeth, and are not a ‘like for like’ replacement for missing teeth. They take time to get used to, and require an acclimatisation period and may require some adjustments after fitting. Like wearing a pair of shoes, your new dentures take time to ‘wear in’ and can feel uncomfortable for the first few days, if not weeks – especially if you are new to wearing dentures. It is important that during this time, if your dentures are sore, you can take them out and use warm saltwater mouthwash to sooth any areas of your mouth that might be uncomfortable. However, when you attend for a denture ease appointment if this is required, you must ensure that you wear the denture for the full day before your appointment as this will help your dentist to identify any high or sore spots that can then be adjusted.

Maintenance of your new Dentures

We will go through all design stages with you for the shape, shade and set up of teeth on your dentures to ensure they look and feel as natural and comfortable as possible and enable you to eat, smile and speak with confidence. It usually takes around 5-6 weeks to make a new denture over several appointments; we take every care during these appointments to ensure your dentures are of the highest quality and meet your specifications

Recently fitted dentures

Coming soon…..some pictures of dentures recently fitted at Newby Dental Practice