What is conscious sedation and how can it help you?

Sedation can help you accept dental treatment without the anxiety it can sometimes produce. It can also help you to cope with treatments which are more complex, or which require longer appointments.

Both Emma and Katie have completed post graduate qualifications in the field of Sedation.They are highly experienced at dealing with anxious patients….just like you.

Feel at ease at the dentist

Sedation can be provided either in the form of Gas and Air (Inhalation Sedation) or through medication into the hand or arm (Intravenous Sedation). You are not asleep during the procedure and you can still communicate with the team.  However, many people do tend to fall asleep due to being so relaxed.  Sedation can also help if you have a particularly bad gag reflex.

Many children benefit from having Gas and Air for their dental treatment. It means they are more relaxed and find the treatment more acceptable.

Inhalation sedation at Newby Dental Practice

We are the only primary care dental practice in Scarborough to offer sedation.

Sedation is currently offered on a private basis at the practice. The service is available to all our existing patients who fit the required criteria, patients of neighbouring dental practices who are referred by their dentist, or individuals who find accessing dental treatment difficult and have therefore not been able to seek routine dental care.

Why not arrange a complimentary consultation with one of our Treatment Coordinators, to see how we can help you.