What Is A Dental Treatment Co-ordinator And How Can They Help Me?

What Is A Treatment Co-ordinator?

A dental treatment co-ordinator’s role is to help you through your dental journey from start to finish. If you decide that you need dental treatment, there can be a lot of information to get through which can be confusing and leave you feeling uncertain. Our treatment co-ordinator will ask you questions to find out what you require from your dental treatment and what you wish to achieve. They will take the time to answer all of your questions ensuring that you understand your options. Also, they will help to guide you on how Newby Dental Practice can help create the smile you’ve always wanted.

They will help to formulate a treatment plan with your dentist that is bespoke to your needs. This will then be presented to you for your approval. If there is anything that you are unsure of, the treatment co-ordinator will be more than happy to explain it to you. After you have decided on your treatment plan, your treatment co-ordinator will continue to work with your dentist to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible!

Your Consultation and how to book

At Newby Dental Practice we offer a complimentary consultation appointment to run through all of the options available to you along with their prices. The treatment co-ordinator will ask you about what you wish to achieve with your smile so that they can provide the best tailored treatment plan for you. This will allow you to be fully informed before deciding on your treatment. During your consultation you will be able to point out anything that bothers you about your smile. The treatment co-ordinator will answer any questions you might have.

Treatments that can be discussed

We offer consultations for treatments for the following dental procedures:

If you are interested in a consultation with one of our treatment co-ordinators to discuss treatment, please feel free to book a complimentary appointment using the details below.

How to Book Your Complimentary Consultation

Booking a complimentary treatment co-ordinator appointment couldn’t be easier . This can be done online via the link here or by sending us an email using our contact page. If you’d prefer to speak to us directly we can be reached on 01723 670 500.