Facial Aesthetics and Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Facial Rejuvenation or Facial Aesthetics are non surgical treatments that can enhance your appearance and soften the effects of ageing.

Different techniques involve the use of Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers. Both can be a really effective yet subtle way to tweak those little imperfections.

Our treatments focus on the face and neck. Any lines and wrinkles here can be are dramatically reduced to look smoother and more refreshed

Botox Scarborough
Dramatic results, minimal treatment.

These injections can also be used for the lower face, to help improve your jawline and reduce prominent muscles caused by grinding your teeth. This can make your face look slimmer too!

The lines of the forehead, scowl and frown lines and those around the eyes respond really well to treatment with Botulinum Toxins (BTX). These injections can also be used to reduce the appearance of a “gummy smile” and to stop your downward smile lines forming. These work alongside cosmetic dental treatments too.

Dermal Fillers are used both alongside Anti-Wrinkle Injections, or on their own.

Fillers work best to enhance cheeks, sagging areas around the neck and those deep folds that can form down from the nose and around the mouth. They can also work wonders on those dark circles under the eyes by smoothing out any tired depressions- or “tear troughs”.

Your lips benefit from treatment with dermal fillers, where shape and fullness are enhanced to your desired result. This might be simply enhancing the contour, right through to getting that perfect voluminous pout.

We also provide Profhilo injections. This is a hyaluronic acid (collagen that makes your skin look plump) based “moisturizer” that is placed below the skin surface. It re hydrates and re-textures crepey skin in a way that no expensive face cream could ever do. This treatment is an all rounder for anyone wanting a “just back from holiday” pick me up look.

All these techniques involve gently and carefully injecting the right product into the desired area to achieve a favourable result.

As Dentists, we can prescribe different facial aesthetic materials, so we can always ensure that the right product is used. Because of this, we also use different methods of anaesthetics, depending on your needs.

All treatments are completed in our clinical setting which is CQC and ACE approved. Please contact the surgery to arrange your consultation with Annie or Emma to discuss your individual needs.

Prices start from just £160

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Treatment options:


Botox to smooth tired lines out on face
Smooth those tired eye lines and creases.

Treatment in this area aims to smooth out crow’s feet and laughter lines with Botulinum Toxin. It starts to work within 24-72 hours, and can last up to 4 months!

This can help make the eye appear more open and reduce that tired look. Crows feet treatment works well when the upper face is also treated, as the eyebrows can be lifted to reduce the appearance of hooded eyelids.

This technique instantly rejuvenates the whole face, and creates a more youthful look. The tear troughs can often be treated will fillers at the same time, to reduce the appearance of dark hollows.

We also have Availble Profhilo which is a hyaluronic acid based skin treatment that improves the texture, appearance and hydration of the skin. 

It is essentially very concentrated hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in our body that stimulates skin cells to produce collagen and elastin – the substances that keep our skin youthful looking and prevent sagging. It is often used in moisturisers and serums, and as Profhilo it is injected into the skin it boosts collagen and elastin formation. 


Often the most noticeable features of ageing include worry and frown and scowl lines. Smoothing out these areas, using facial rejuvenation techniques, can help achieve a more youthful look.

This is one of the most simplest methods to reduce the signs of ageing, and can start to work in as little as 24 hours.

Botox and Profhilo treatments in Scarborough

This method of treatment can help raise the brow without the need for surgery, thus reducing the appearance of heavy upper eyelids. It also works in harmony with your eyebrows, to give that lifted, arched brow look. It’s a great treatment to have at the same time as treating the crows feet, as the eye appears more open and attractive. Often referred to as the “BOTOX BROW LIFT”

Facial aesthetic techniques in the upper face work both to reduce the appearance of lines, but also, but stopping the movement of these heavy muscles, it acts as a long term preventer, stopping these signs of ageing progressing!

Mid Face:

As we age, creases become more prominent, which is very ageing. Dermal fillers can safely be used to soften these lines and instantly give a more rejuvenated appearance.

Botox example in Scarborough

Fillers and profhilo can work on all areas the face, but the work especially well in the mid face region.

One area that we become more conscious of is the line from the nose to the mouth- this is called the nasiolabial fold. When this is reduced, the face instantly shines! It creates the illusion of lifted snd smoothed skin.

The cheekbones too can be sculpted, either to enhance the appearance of a lifted mid face, or to create the illusion of high and prominent cheekbones. What a difference to your profile this treatment can achieve!

Mid face treatment works miracles for under eye circles too, making us look less tired and naturally refreshed, without the need for all that concealer!


With the use of Dermal Fillers we can enhance the shape and fullness of your lips. Lips are big this year, but that doesn’t mean you have to go big!

Lip fillers can be used to enhance the lips in many ways. You might just want a bit more definition, and improved lip line to stop lipstick smudging, or maybe increase the lift at the cupids bow- the part under your nose which gives lips that amazing profile! Or equally you may want to go all the way and get that perfect pout! Whatever the look is for you, we can help you achieve that, and rejuvenate your smile!


With age the Neck can become thin and stretched, or can appear to sag in places. Small injections of Botulinum Toxin into these areas can help regain the neck’s youthful look.

Profhilo also works wonders on the neck region. Regaining that plump and tight look, which has an instant anti-aging effect.


Use of Botulinum toxin in this area is very effective in the reduction of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). This simple quick procedure can often mean that antiperspirant is no longer required.

With the simple use of this product, the underarms can be treated for as long as six months, after just one session! The effects can start working almost immediately, and you will notice a massive improvement by the very next day.

This treatment is suitable for both Men and Women, works great for those who are put off from wearing certain clothes due to the risk of showing signs of sweat.

All the above treatments depend on personal preference and suitability. We offer a complimentary consultation with our treatment co-ordinator for all facial aesthetic patients, so your needs and desired results can be discussed in depth. Treatments will either be with Annie or Emma.

If you are currently under facial aesthetic treatment click here to see our post operative instructions

registered botox group for treatments in Scarborough

We’re members of Ace, but do you know what it is and how important it is to be members of this group? Being members of ACE means that we are trained and skilled in the management of facial aesthetics complications, just so you know, you’re in good hands!

Facial Aesthetics, Anti Wrinkle and Profhilo Recent Cases

Botox before and after lip flip without dermal fillers treatment carried out in Scarborough UK
Don’t like your smoker’s lines or wanting a natural lip plump, without the risks of dermal filler? Here’s a fantastic result from just one wrinkle-relaxation treatment – we treated this lovely lady with a lip flip and vertical lip line botulinum toxin. No filler, just killer, crease-free plump lips!
Treatment of Botox by Our dentist in Scarborough
Profhilo example done at newby dental practice by a dentist
Profhilo before and after treatment. Treatment after results shown attained 1 month after 2nd visit