Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a means of improving your smile or dental appearance and is available to everyone. It may address concerns as simple as a single tooth imperfection right through to a full smile makeover.

Cosmetic dentistry
Bright white smile
Perfect Teeth 
Dermal Fillers
Lip Fillers
Bleach and Bond for that natural, healthy white smile.

People commonly assume cosmetic dentistry means just using crowns and veneers. There are now so many more techniques that can help you improve our smile! A conservative approach we love is to Align, Bleach and Bond to the teeth. This means we straighten, whiten and improve the shape of teeth. This helps to create the smile you’ve always wanted, but keeps the teeth healthy!

We believe all dentistry can be practised in an aesthetic manner. Combined with maintaining oral health, comfort and function, the appearance of your smile is such an important consideration.

Cosmetic restorations, to restore both function and appearance

We know not everyone attends the dentist specifically for cosmetic dental treatment. Most would prefer that this be considered as part of on-going care. This may be as simple as using white filling materials or discussing cosmetic options when routine work is needed.

We’re here to ensure we have all the options available, to make sure we make the right choice for your smile. therefore, all the latest cosmetic composite bonding, Emax and Zirconia ceramic crowns, veneers, and tooth whitening are available in the practice. We love to make use of these techniques in our day to day care.

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We also offer 0% finance options too, to spread the cost for your preferred dental treatment.

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