Extractions and Wisdom Teeth

Although our job mainly involves restoring and protecting teeth, sometimes we do have to resort to taking teeth out. Especially when it comes to those problematic wisdom teeth. We have the latest scanning equipment in order to help asses the problematic wisdom tooth/teeth. The entire procedure can be done in house by our skilled dentists. We also take referrals for such treatments.

You’ll be in safe hands, as both Emma and Katie have completed post graduate training in the field of Oral Surgery. Emma also works in the Maxilliofacial Surgery (Head and Neck) Department at Scarborough Hospital, when she’s not in general practice.

Common procedures carried out include:

  • Routine dental extractions
  • Extraction to make space for braces
  • Extraction of baby teeth if causing problems
  • Difficult or complicated tooth extractions
  • Wisdom tooth removal (impacted and simple, including those usually referred to the hospital)
  • Removal of fractured or buried tooth fragments
  • Failed extractions

All of these procedures are completed with minimal discomfort under Local Anaesthetic. We do have the benefit however of being able to offer Dental Sedation at Newby Dental Practice. This can be Intravenous Sedation for adults, or Gas and Air for Children. We are the ONLY dental practice in Scarborough to be to offer this option, and as such, we can make the procedure a lot more comfortable for you or your child.

OPG machine
Complex extractions
Wisdom tooth extractions
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