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5 Common Dental Health Myths

Dentists recommend lots of different treatments for their patients. However, there are common misconceptions about oral health which could lead to other dental health problems.

Sugar Free Fizzy Drinks Are Good For Your Teeth

Although diet drinks may not contain sugar, they are still fizzy, meaning that they contain acid. The acidity can be very damaging to your enamel, causing it to wear away, exposing the sensitive dentine underneath.

Oral Health Stops In Your Mouth

Your mouth contains millions of bacteria. Your mouth is an entry point for harmful bacteria. By neglecting the health of your teeth, you are making your body vulnerable to a host of different types of diseases. There are now links between oral health and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

Baby Teeth Do Not Matter

Whilst being necessary for your child to eat, their primary teeth are vital for their speech development. They also serve a very important role of creating space for adult teeth to come in. Removing a baby teeth too early can cause the other teeth to shift, resulting in overlapping and crooked teeth.

It Doesn’t Matter What Time Of Day We Brush

The majority of people will know that it is important to brush our teeth twice a day. However, some people may not be aware that the time of day you brush your teeth has an impact too. At night when we sleep our salivary glands produce much less saliva. During the day our saliva flow is much higher which has a cleaning effect. So when we don’t brush our teeth at night before we go to sleep, food particles sit on our teeth all night and contribute to tooth decay.

Flossing Creates Spaces Between Your Teeth

Flossing removes a buildup of plaque between your teeth, preventing gum disease and tooth decay, it does not create spaces between your teeth. By removing the harmful bacteria, you are helping to keep your mouth healthy.

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