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Energy Drinks And Your Teeth

There are many people that believe that energy drinks are not as harmful as sugar-filled fizzy drinks, however, this may not be the case.

Even if the energy drinks that you are consuming are sugar free, they still contain acid. The acid in the drinks causes the pH of the mouth to lower considerably. It takes around 30 minutes for the saliva to neutralise this acid and return the pH back to normal. For those 30 minutes your teeth are essentially being bathed in an acidic environment.

The hyperactive energy produced by the drinks can also cause people to grind their teeth. This can cause tooth breakage and damage.

Energy Drinks And Gums

As the enamel breaks down, it can’t protect the softer parts of the teeth or prevent the bacteria from causing damage. As the enamel wears down, the gums become more susceptible to damage. They can start to recede and expose the tooth roots which can cause the gums to bleed and become inflamed, showing early signs of gum disease.

How Can I Reduce The Damage Caused?

Although it is not recommended to drink energy drinks regularly, if you are going to drink them from time to time, it would be a good idea to try drinking through a straw to minimise your teeth’s exposure.

Another way to reduce the effect would be to rinse your mouth out with water after finishing your drink to try to neutralise the acidity in your mouth.

Try not to sip your drink. The longer it takes you to drink your energy drink, the less time your teeth have to repair themselves from the acid attack.

Alternative Ways To Boost Your Energy

A few simple lifestyle changes could help to boost your energy.

  • Engage in regular physical activity.
  • Drink at least 2 litres of water a day.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep.
  • Include lots of fruit and vegetables in your diet.

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