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How To Care For Your Teething Baby

Teething is an inevitable part of your baby’s growth, but that doesn’t make it any easier to watch them struggle as the first few teeth come through. Most babies begin teething somewhere between 4 and 7 months. However, this can vary to earlier or later than this window.


Along with difficulty sleeping, teething symptoms can include:

  • Chewing
  • Irritability/fussiness
  • Excessive drooling

If your baby is experiencing a rash or fever, there may be something other than teething causing the problem, in which case you should contact your child’s doctor.

Chilled Teething Ring

A teething ring is a great option when your child starts to chew things. Some can even be chilled for more relief. Never put a teething ring in the freezer as this can damage your baby’s soft gums. Don’t forget to clean and sterilise the ring regularly.

Use A Crunchy Healthy Treat

Once your child has been introduced to solid foods, try to soothe their gums using raw carrot or apple sticks. Even breadsticks could help relieve their symptoms.

Avoid sugary snacks which can quickly lead to tooth decay, even if they currently have very few teeth. Rusks and teething biscuits should be avoided too as they contain sugar.

Massage Your Baby’s Gums

Make sure your hands are clean before you put them in your baby’s mouth. Use your fingers to apply gentle pressure. Sometimes this simple action of rubbing their gums will be able to provide your baby some relief.

Offer Them A Drink Of Cold Water

If your baby has already started drinking plain water, it could offer them comfort. It is one of the most natural teething remedies.

Wipe Away Any Dribble

One of the signs of teething is the constant dribbling. This could result in an uncomfortable rash around your baby’s mouth. Gently wipe it away to prevent any further discomfort.

Distract Your Baby

Try taking your child’s mind off their pain by singing or encouraging them to play their favourite games.

Caring For Your Baby’s New Teeth

Once your child’s teeth start to come through, you’ll need to register them with a dentist. Contact us on 01723 670500 to book their first appointment.

Start brushing with a fluoride toothpaste as soon as their first tooth breaks through.

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