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The Most Important Questions To Ask Your Dentist

Your dental appointments are a time to take control of your dental health. Your dental team has important advice to offer so make sure you are making the most of your appointments by asking questions.

How Is My Overall Dental Health?

Your dentist will explain any severe dental issues that they have noticed during your appointment. However, you should try to learn about some of the other small differences that are going on in your mouth.

Asking your dentist to give you a short overview of your overall dental health should help to prevent the issues worsening. You should learn:

  • Whether or not you are brushing and flossing correctly.
  • How your gums look.
  • If there are any areas that you should keep an eye on, such as weak teeth and areas at risk of decay.

How Can I Prevent Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a serious issue that affects your gum tissue and the bone supporting your teeth. Left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss and have negative effects on your overall well-being.

By asking your dentist how to prevent gum disease, they will be able to explain your risk level and how to change your dental hygiene routine to be more effective.

What Does This Mean?

If you are having any problems or concerns, it is important that you bring this up with your dentist. If you are experiencing any pain or you think you are noticing some discolouration, mention it to your dentist so that they can find the source of the problem and diagnose it early.

What Type Of Toothbrush And Toothpaste Should I Be Using?

It may not seem important, but the tools that you use daily can have a big impact on your dental health. With more and more options of toothbrushes becoming available, it would be a good idea to ask you dentist what they would recommend for you. The same goes for your toothpaste. If you have sensitive teeth, your dentist will be able to recommend a toothpaste to help.

What Foods Are Bad For My Teeth?

Certain foods can be particularly harmful to your mouth so it is important that you understand which foods to be wary of. Ask your dentist the foods that are especially damaging to your oral health. It is almost impossible to completely avoid all harmful foods, but it is good practice to reduce the frequency at which you eat them.

Should I Use A Mouthwash?

Although mouthwash isn’t an alternative to brushing and flossing, it can be beneficial to your oral hygiene routine. Using mouthwash helps to control the level of bacteria, fight bad breath and strengthen your teeth. However, it is important that it is used appropriately. Speak to your dentist about how you should use mouthwash, and what type they would recommend for you.

What’s The Best Way To Whiten My Teeth?

Over the counter tooth whitening kits can cause tooth sensitivity and damage the roots of your teeth. So if you are interested in whitening your teeth, mention it to your dentist and they can provide information on how to keep your teeth white and the best whitening treatment options.

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