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What is an Intra Oral Scanner, and how does it provide a superior digital workflow for your dental care…..

Intra oral scanner at Newby Dental Practice, advanced digital workflows.

An intraoral scanner is a handheld device used to directly create a digital impression of the mouth. Light source from the scanner is projected onto the scan objects, such as full dental arches, and then a 3D model processed by the scanning software will be displayed in real-time on a touch screen.

This means that any dental care required, that involves communicating with a lab (Crowns, bridges and Aligners such as Invisalign), can be completed digitally, usually without any in the mouth impressions!

This state of the art scanner is completely safe, does not emit any radiation, is pain free, and allows you to see the 3D image for your teeth and gums instantly.

Ask one of our dentists for a demo at your next visit- you’ll be amazed at what you can see!

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