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What To Expect At A Dental Check-Up

Some patients find it difficult to come to the dentist, but by knowing ahead of time what to expect, it can help to calm your nerves.

Arriving At The Practice

When you first arrive at Newby Dental Practice, you will be welcomed by our friendly receptionist team into our relaxing waiting room. You may be asked to fill in a medical form.

During Your Check-Up

Once it’s time for your check up, you’ll be take through to the dental surgery. They will start with a quick chat to answer any questions or concerns you might have. This will allow your dentist to thoroughly check your mouth, whilst keeping a close eye on anything that has been bothering you. You should let your dentist know if you have been experiencing any pain, sensitivity or unusual sensations and they can advise you on any treatment that you might require.

During the check-up, you’ll be asked to lie back comfortably in the chair so that the dentist can begin a thorough check of your teeth, gums and mouth. They are checking for plaque, gum disease, tooth decay and the early signs of mouth cancer. Your dentist may also take an x-ray to check for any underlying problems.

Once the check-up has been completed, your dentist will advise you of any treatment that you might require and let you know when you will need another appointment. Our reception team will then get them booked for you.

If you need to book your next check-up, call us on 01723 670500.

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