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Worried about bad breath?

Worried about bad breath? Your new dentist in Scarborough can help!

If bad breath is something you worry about, you’re not alone. Studies show that over 60% of the population worry about havng bad breath, but only 20% of these people seek advice from their dentist.

Bad breath can be caused by lots of factors, smoking and diet are the main causes, both of these can be changed to reduce the effects. Our oral health educator can help you make some improvements to your habits which will reduce the causes of bad breath.

Gum disease and dental decay can also cause bad breath, and this is where we can help. By maintaining a good oral hygiene routine, regular dental and hygienist check ups, we can help make bad breath worries a thing of the past.

Another concern that can result in bad breath is also oral cancers. This is the most important reason for keeping up to date with your routine dental checks, as at each visit we complete a thorough soft tissue check to make sure your mouth is nice and healthy.

If you’re concerned about bad breath see how we can help you keep your mouth fresh and healthy.

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