Scarborough & District Minor League Football Sponsors

Newby Dental Practice is proud to announce that we are now supporting Scarborough & District Minor League football. Our sponsorship will help support the league so that they can improve the way that football works for families. They do this using two initiatives:

Firstly, using the Fixture List Planner. This has been rolled out to over 150 youth leagues, generating thousands of pounds for youth football across England and Wales. This has helped to raise the profile of each league in their community.

Secondly, the Pitch Finder Handbook is used by tens of thousands of families each week to find out how to get to their next game.

These initiatives, are not only aimed at tackling problems within youth football leagues, but to help raise the profile of youth football in the community. Football is a large part of community in England and Wales, but the cost of running the clubs is constantly rising, making it more difficult to fund. This is why we are the proud sponsors of Scarborough & District Minor Leagues football. We believe that community is very important in keeping people happy and healthy so we wanted to do our part to help the club keep up their fantastic work!