The Causes Of Teeth Sensitivity

Have you ever felt sensitivity in your teeth? While pain caused by sensitivity to hot or cold foods can be a sign of a cavity, it could also be a symptom of sensitive teeth.

Symptoms of Sensitive Teeth

People with sensitive teeth may experience pain in response to different causes. The most common causes include:

  • Hot foods and drinks
  • Cold foods and drinks
  • Cold air
  • Acidic foods and drinks
  • Sweet foods and drinks
  • Cold water
  • Brushing or flossing teeth
  • Alcohol based mouth rinses

Causes Of Sensitive Teeth

  • Using a hard toothbrush
  • Brushing your teeth too hard
  • Grinding your teeth at night
  • Eating or drinking acidic foods and drinks regularly

Other causes could include acid reflux as it results in the wearing down of your enamel, exposing the dentine.

Tooth decay and chipped teeth can also leave some dentine exposed causing sensitivity. In this case it is likely you’ll only feel the sensitivity in one particular area of your mouth.

Gum recession can leave sections of the tooth exposed and unprotected.

How To Treat Tooth Sensitivity

If your sensitivity is mild, you can try over the counter options. Try using a toothpaste that is specifically made for sensitive teeth. These toothpastes won’t contain irritating ingredients.

Choose a non-alcohol mouthwash as it will be less irritating.

Use a softer toothbrush and be more gentle when brushing.

If home treatments don’t work, talk to your dentist for their advice. They may apply fluoride gel to help strengthen your enamel.

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Its official, we are the only Denplan Excel accredited practice in Scarborough!

Our mission was simple when we started the dental practice……to build a beautiful dental practice in Scarborough which offered patients the highest level of dental care possible.

What is Denplan Excel?

Denplan Excel is a certification for dental practices to demonstrate high standards for patients care, quality assurance and good communication. Denplan Excel ensures we follow effective processes for complying with all regulations above and beyond what we need to. We value patient care and and strive to maintain high levels of standards throughout the dental practice.

Our Denplan assessor came to inspect us in April 2021, they spent the day with us monitoring our processes and procedures to ensure all was correct and in order. They reviewed documentation relating to the safe and effective running of the practice along with further detailed audits and reports. They took the time to speak staff members to ensure training and knowledge about the practice had been passed along to them too.

Who recognises the certification?

Recognised by the Oral Health Foundation, Denplan Excel is a clinical governance programme. It is also approved by the UKAS.

How we feel about gaining the accreditation

Achieving the Denplan Excel accreditation is no easy challenge and we are so proud of the team at Newby Dental Practice for working together to achieve such a goal. At the time of writing no other dental practice in the Scarborough area is accredited.

It is a prestigious accreditation based on quality assurance and demonstrates a commitment to all our patients. It’s great for us to have this but it’s even better for our patients!

If you are thinking of joining one of our Denplan Dental plans take a look at our Denplan page

It’s great to be open!

Welcome to

Newby Dental Practice

It’s been a challenge, opening a new dental practice in Scarborough, during a pandemic, but we got there. We couldn’t be more excited about everyone finally getting to see what we’ve been working on.

Our surgeries have been designed to be light, open and airy, to ensure we can comply with all the COVID requirements, keeping our staff and patients safe.

We have kept things minimal, so from a cross infection point of view, things can be easily kept clean.

Each surgery has been specifically designed for accessibility and usability for both patients and staff.

They are custom built dental surgeries to enable us to provide high quality dental care in Scarborough

Digital x ray machines and intra oral cameras are in each surgery, for assessments during your dental consultations.

With state of the art equipment, we ensure your visit to Newby Dental Practice, whether it’s for your check-up, hygiene treatment, or more complex restorative work, will far exceed your expectation. Our surgeries are spacious allowing your dentist ample room to work around you.

We’re even more excited now we have our artwork to show off too. Amazing work from, it’s really given the dental practice the finishing touch. A beautiful practice in at the heart of Scarborough.

Click here to register your interest, and we will contact you with details about how to become a patient at Newby dental practice, the new dentist in Scarborough!

We’re officially open!

It’s nice to finally be open! ? A big thank you to everyone that has been involved in helping us to create what we think is something really special.

If you are in need of a dentist in the Scarborough area, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we can be reached on 01723 670 500 or emailed 24/7 at

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Private dental care, paid for monthly.

Here at Newby Dental Practice, as a new dentist in Scarborough, we pride ourselves in providing excellent high quality dental care.

New dentist in scarborough

At Newby we offer a wide range of treatment options, so all your dental needs can be provided for in house.

What we are most passionate about, is our Denplan schemes. Denplan is a monthly payment plan that enables you to spread the cost of your dental treatment, so you don’t have to worry about any bills, and can access the dental treatment that you really want.

Being a Denplan patient also provides you with access to the hygienist, and the most up to date private treatment options available.

But the best thing about Denplan is, prices start from just £9.90 per month.

Talk to one of our reception team now, to find out how denplan can work for you.

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