Mouth Cancer Action Month

Mouth Cancer Action Month is a charity campaign to help raise awareness for oral cancer. The campaign takes place throughout November and thousands of people help to raise awareness in their community.

The number of people being diagnosed with mouth cancer is on the rise so it is important that you know how to spot it early and what to do if you notice something unusual. This will help us learn more about cancer so we have a better chance of beating it.

Although there are many risk factors related to the disease, mouth cancer can affect anyone, which is why it is so important that we know what to look out for.

How Can You Take Part?

This November, we need your support. There are lots of ways you can take part:

  • Knowing how to spot mouth cancer early and regularly checking for unusual changes in the mouth.
  • Understanding what is likely to cause mouth cancer and reducing your risk.
  • Acting quickly when you see something out of the ordinary by visiting your dentist.


Fundraising is a great way to raise awareness whilst raising funds. These donations help the Oral Health Foundation continue their important work in learning more about oral cancer and how we can beat it.

For more information about the campaign, visit the Oral Health Foundation website and for more information about oral cancer, please click here to read our blog.

Everything You Need to Know About Lip Cancer

Lip cancer is a form of oral cancer. A recent study has found that a worrying 75% of the British public do not know what the signs and symptoms of lip cancer are. If caught early, lip cancer can be treated successfully so an early diagnosis is essential.

Signs to look out for include:

  • Open sores.
  • Visible changes to the skin on the lips.
  • A red patch that becomes crusty, itchy or bleeds.
  • Lumps or wart-like growths.
  • A pale or white skin area that looks similar to a scar.

There are certain lifestyle choices that can increase your risk of developing lip cancer. These factors include:

  • Sun exposure
  • Alcohol use
  • Tobacco use

Due to climate change and the depletion of the ozone layer (the layer that absorbs the harmful rays radiated by the sun), the risk is only going to get worse so it is vital that you are aware of how to reduce the likelihood of developing lip cancer.

Alcohol and tobacco use are also risk factors. People who drink three to four alcoholic drinks a day are twice as likely to develop mouth cancer than those who do not. The risk increases by two or three times when tobacco use and daily alcohol consumption are combined.


The Oral Health Foundation reports that “up to 90% of all mouth cancers are linked to lifestyle factors”, so it is vital that you regulate your alcohol consumption. It is also reported that smoking can increase your risk of oral cancers by up to ten times, so now would be a good time to quit!

Also try to apply protective SPF lip balm daily, even on a cloudy day. to protect your lips from the UV rays from the sun.

It is vital that you attend regular check ups with your dentist to look out for the signs and symptoms. Here at Newby Dental Practice we complete a routine oral cancer screening at every dental check up, contact us to book your appointment now. If you require any further information or advice, please contact us at or 01723 670500

Mouth Cancer Action Month

Mouth Cancer Action Month (MCAM) is a campaign throughout November run by the Oral Health Foundation each year to raise awareness of mouth cancer, from knowing what signs to look out for, key symptoms, and the rising number of cases in the UK.

At Newby Dental Practice, as a new dentist in scarborough, we are passionate about a holistic approach to dental care. As such oral cancer screening is something we complete at every visit.

As dentists, nurses and hygienists, we have the opportunity to discuss oral cancer and make sure everyone is aware of the risks, signs and symptoms. If we can help everyone make positive choices, learn to check for changes of the soft tissues of their mouths, and seek professional help at the earliest stage, we can help make a big difference to the success rates of oral cancer treatments” Emma- Principal dentist

If you’ve not had an oral cancer screening in awhile, get in touch to book your new patient consultation with one of our dentists.



Stopping smoking is the one of the best decisions you and make for your health, and the health of your family.

We know it’s not as easy as the picture suggests though. So we’re here to help.

Why not make an appointment with Beth, our Oral Health Educator, who can offer lots of hints and tips of things that will help you succeed.

We can help you try alterntivaes, maange your craving, get face to face support from people that understand how hard it is.

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